Moisturizes dry and sensitive skin from the cleansing stage!
Moisturized cleansing and soothes skin suffering from atopy, dryness, and sensitivity
Take care of sensitive, dry, and itchy skin with a moist and minute lather of Atopalm Calming Soap.
You can conveniently and effectively use it for cleansing the entire body,
including the face, hands, buttocks, and other areas!
  • Richly moisturizing neutral soap that is quasi-drug with a permit from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

    This product is a richly moisturizing neutral soap that mildly cleanses, richly moisturizes, and soothes atopy, dry, and sensitive skin. It also alleviates itchiness caused by skin dryness.

  • Reinforces the skin moisture-locking membrane and keeps skin moist even after cleansing

    This product contains peanut oil and patented ceramide (patent no. 10-0472125) that are good for moisturizing skin, thus taking care of moisture loss, which causes skin to easily turn weak and rough. It also leaves skin moist and healthy even after cleansing.

  • Moist and mild neutral soap

    As alkali soap can turn skin drier and more sensitive because of its powerful cleansing properties, use this neutral and low-irritant soap for moist and mild skin cleansing.

  • Soothes skin

    Its Centella asiatica extract and jojoba oil compounds comfortably soothe skin caused by the harmful external environment.

Reinforce your skin moisture-locking membrane with Atopalm Calming Soap!

Atopy, dry, and skin sensitivity makes skin weak and dry, which can worsen and become drier because of frequent cleansing to remove the fine dust and pollutants from the harmful external environment.

Unlike cleansers that simply cleanse skin, Atopalm Calming Soap’s nature-derived cleansing compounds not only provide mild cleansing. Its peanut oil and patented ceramide compound content also reinforce the skin moisture-locking membrane to help prevent moisture loss, thus keeping skin moisturized and healthy even after cleansing.

How to use

  • Work it into rich lather, rub onto face and entire body using gentle massaging motions.
    Rinse with lukewarm water.

Content and method

  • Use little water and gently rub until rich lather forms. Then, remove lather with sufficient water.
    Lightly pat dry.


  • Supplementary moisturizing treatment for those suffering from psoriatic skin
    (atopy dermatitis in infants and adults, fish skin disease, psoriasis, and pruritus in the elderly)

Recommended to

  • Infants and adults with skin atopy
  • Infants with delicate and sensitive skin
  • Those with dry skin because of various causes
  • Anyone with dry and sensitive skin
  • Those with itchy skin caused by dryness
  • Those with skin concerns such as fish skin disease, psoriatic skin, and pruritus (in elderly people)
  • Those with skin that easily turns rough because of lack of moisture
  • Those who want soft and moisturized skin

Main compounds

  • moisturizes skin
  • moisturizes and soothes skin