Overcome skin stress caused by sweat!
Moisturizes and refreshes baby's skin Patented MLE moisturizing powder
The best way to prevent skin stress caused by sweat!
Apply the powder before engaging in strenuous activities to prevent skin stress!
Free of talc, thus ensuring safe use!
  • As it is free of talc, it can be safely used. Also, its patented MLE powder moisturizes skin.

    Dermal-mica™ moisturizes and protects the sensitive skin of babies, while its botanical cornstarch content removes unnecessary moisture, keeping skin feeling fresh.

  • Soothes and protects skin from stress caused by sweat

    Panthenol and portulaca extract soothe and protect skin from stress caused by sweat.

  • Portable, safe, and simple to use-no powder spillage!

    As it is a compact-type product, powder does not spill. Also, it is small enough to hold in the hand, enabling easy and portable use.

  • Completed skin irritation test

    Completed skin irritation tests ensure safe use for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies


Skin-friendly texture

MLE® is NeoPharm's internationally patented skin barrier technology that forms a lasting moisture-locking membrane. This membrane is the most similar to a healthy skin structure. Aside from providing protection and rich moisture, it also enhances the skin barrier of dry and sensitive skin.

Contains the key compound "Dermal-mica™"

MLE® - NeoPharm's patented technology that recreates skin texture that is most similar to the lamella structure found in healthy skin!
Dermal-mica™ is a powder compound wherein patented MLE® technology is applied. It effectively absorbs unnecessary sweat and moisture from baby's skin, while keeping skin moist by forming a moisture-locking membrane.

Safely use Atopalm Derma Soothing Powder!

  • Why should I use this powder?

    Babies, unlike adults, sweat a lot because their body temperature easily rises. If you use the powder properly, it can absorb unnecessary moisture (sweat) from skin and protect baby's skin from troubles caused by sweat.

  • My baby's skin is sensitive that's why I am worried about using powder.

    When babies with sensitive skin excessively sweat during summer, it becomes very difficult. Sweat is a major cause of skin stress during summer. As such, it is important to take care of skin so that it does not sweat excessively. If excessive sweating is present, proper use of the powder will greatly help prevent skin troubles caused by sweat.

  • Won't using powder excessively dry the skin?

    Atopalm Derma Soothing Powder softens skin, while its patented MLE moisturizing powder prevents dryness, thus ensuring safe use.

  • I am worried about asbestos. Also, if the powder accidentally spills, I'm worried that it might enter my baby's mouth or eyes.

    Atopalm Derma Soothing Powder is a talc-free product that is made of natural botanical starch, such as rice and corn, as well as MLE-moisturizing compounds. In addition, it is compact-type product that prevents powder spillage. As such, this product is safe to use.

How to use

  • After bathing, completely dry skin. Use the soft puff to apply onto armpits, buttocks, legs, and elbow area using patting motions. Skin will turn soft upon application
  • Apply the Atopalm Derma Soothing Cream onto buttocks to make it softer and feel refreshed.
    * If the puff gets dirty, replace it with the built-in puff or wash with a neutral detergent.
    * Wash the puff once a week. Alternate the use of each puff.
  • Do not apply excessive amount of the product as it can clog sweat pores. Apply only a suitable amount to absorb excess moisture. (You can sufficiently remove excess moisture with a small amount of the product.)
  • If there is moisture or lotion on skin, the powder may clump and stick, which may possibly aggravate skin stress. Thus, please ensure that moisture and lotion has been sufficiently absorbed before using product. (Use on dry skin.)
  • If the powder dries up, sticks, or feels rough when applied or rubbed on baby's buttocks, wash with water and reapply product.
  • Aside from babies, this product is also recommended to adolescents and adults with sensitive joint areas or those who excessively sweat.

Recommended to

  • Those who excessively sweat and concerned of its consequences
  • Those who are looking for a mild powder
  • Those whose joint areas are sensitive

Main compounds

  • protects skin and provides moisturizing effects
  • removes excess moisture
  • soothes and moisturizes skin
  • soothes skin