Cream that alleviates + soothes baby's irritated skin irritation
Must-have item for baby's skin, which is easily irritated from daily diaper use!
Instantly soothes and protects
Gently soothe your baby's skin turned weak and irritated because of diaper use, particularly in joint areas
  • Zinc oxide soothes skin

    This product contains zinc oxide, which soothes skin. It instantly soothes, protects, and takes care of skin that is easily turned sensitive, particularly in skin folds and because of diaper use, returning it to its healthy state.

  • Uses patentedMLE® technology to moisturize skin and form a moisture-locking membrane

    Uses patented MLE® technology to reinforce the moisture-locking membrane, moisturize sensitive skin because of diaper use, and make skin moist and healthy

  • With a refreshing formula that is excellently absorbed by the skin.

    With its gentle and refreshing action, this product helps keep skin soft. In addition, it is excellently absorbed by skin that it does not feel burdensome after application.

  • Completed skin irritation test - Free of additives that are harmful to skin

    You can safely use it on babies with delicate and sensitive skin, as well as adults.

  • Free of talc, artificial dyes, parabens, ethanol, PEG, sulfate, diethanolamine, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol and mineral oil


Skin-friendly texture

MLE® is NeoPharm's internationally patented skin barrier technology that forms a lasting moisture-locking membrane. This membrane is the most similar to a healthy skin structure. Aside from providing protection and rich moisture, it also enhances the skin barrier of dry and sensitive skin.

Atopalm Derma Soothing Cream

Uses patented MLE® technology to reinforce the moisture-locking membrane, moisturize sensitive skin, and instantly soothe and protect irritated skin. The cream reinforces the skin's barrier, which has become sensitive because of diaper irritation and skin folding. As such, this product soothes delicate skin and keeps it healthy.

  • What is skin irritation from diaper use?

    The skin barrier weakens, thus enabling skin troubles to form because of various causes, such as the use of diapers, pollutants remaining after relieving, chemical compounds remaining from diapers, and detergent compounds remaining on clothes.

  • Tips for taking care of baby's buttocks to keep skin healthy!

    When your baby relieves himself or herself, immediately change his/her diaper, wash the buttocks well with water, and let it be sufficiently ventilated. After bathing, apply the cream that is exclusively used to soothe sensitive skin. Let the product be absorbed well. Apply cream whenever diapers are worn.

How to use

  • Skin care tips when using diapers
    When your baby's buttocks are irritated from diaper use, wash and remove pollutants that may cause irritation. After washing, dry buttocks well so that skin does not become excessively moist. Then, apply the Atopalm Derma Soothing Cream to keep skin healthy. Use diaper as usual.
  • Skin care tips to keep baby's buttocks healthy!
  • After baby has relieved himself/herself, wash baby, and dry his/her buttocks well!
  • Products that often come into contact with skin, such as clothes and beddings, should be sundried about once a week.
  • Use mild detergent to gently wash baby's clothes and diapers.
  • When replacing diapers, cleanse the area well, and always dry skin off. Then, apply Derma Soothing Cream onto the soft skin. (For babies who excessively sweat, apply the Derma Soothing Powder after Derma Soothing Cream is well absorbed by skin for best results.)

Recommended to

  • Those with babies who use diapers
  • Babies suffering from skin irritation caused by diaper use
  • Those with sensitive skin because of skin folding
  • Babies suffering from heat rash because of excessive heat and excessively humid house
  • Those looking for mild cream that will provide mild protection to baby's buttocks and keep it healthy

Main compounds

  • protects skin and provides moisturizing effects
  • soothes skin
  • soothes and moisturizes skin
  • soothes skin