My rough, dry, and troubled skin needs a 911 emergency solution!
Help, 911! It instantly soothes and richly moisturizes skin!
Mild and safe SOS solution
Anywhere and anytime-ok! For any skin area that is prone to turning dry and rough!
Meticulously take care of your skin with Atopalm Multi Balm.
  • The patented MLE® formula forms a skin-friendly protective membrane

    The patented MLE® formula forms a skin-friendly protective and moisture-locking membrane, which ensures long-lasting alleviation of itchiness caused by skin sensitivity and dryness.

  • Instantly soothes and protects skin

    It instantly soothes itchiness caused by skin dryness and sensitivity, as well as heat rashes and other troubles caused by easily irritated skin. Also, this product provides comfortable skin protection.

  • A portable balm that easily melts at body temperature!

    It is a gentle balm that easily melts at body and can be used on any desired body part. It is easily absorbed by skin without leaving a sticky feel. Also, it does not feel burdensome even when reapplied. In addition, it is has a size that small enough to easily carry around, making it very portable.

  • Completed the dermatologist’s skin-irritation test

    Free from additives that are harmful to skin allowing safe use, even for children and adults with vulnerable and sensitive skin

  • Free of artificial dyes, ethanol, mineral oil, parabens, PEG, and artificial fragrances

  • Given its morphology, the content can flow at a high temperature of over 45℃ and cause sweating at over 25℃.
    However, this does not affect the product compounds and effects, thus allowing safe use.

How to use

  • Clean skin well and let it dry. Then, dispense the right amount and allow to melt at body temperature. Gently apply onto dry and sensitive parts such as the face, lips, around the mouth, cheeks, hands, and elbows. Skin will absorb the product well without leaving a sticky feel. Reapply as needed when skin feels itchy because of dryness and irritation caused by the summer heat.

A portable multi balm that can be applied on any desired body part! Smart tips!


  • If the cheeks and lips are chapped and dry, apply a sufficient amount before going to bed.
    Apply onto face irritated by the cold wind. It will instantly soothe the skin.
  • Apply the balm onto the entire face and apply a foundation or BB cream on top.
    It will leave skin moist and can thus be used as a makeup base (easy makeup application).
  • (If the lips are extremely dry, apply onto lips, cover them with a plastic wrap, and go to bed. Then, it can be used as an exclusive pack for moisturizing lips.)
    Mix with lipstick to create a gentle tinted lip balm.
  • Mix with powder blush to create a gentle cream-type blush.


  • Apply a sufficient amount onto dry hands and feet, wear gloves and socks, and go to bed. The hands and feet will become soft as a paraffin pack was applied.
    When massaging the hands and feet, use the product instead of a hand and foot cream.
    Apply onto dry nail and toenail cuticles. It will nourish and moisturize the cuticles.
  • Apply onto elbows and heels that have become white as well as on finger/toe calluses. It will soften calluses and the dead skin cells.


  • Apply onto dry and frizzy hair ends. It will nourish and hydrate hair, making it glow.
  • When exercising in the winter, use it as a protective facial mask to protect rough skin. It will moisturize skin, leaving it soft and moist. It will also soothe skin troubles caused by the summer heat.

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Recommended to

  • Those who complain of skin itchiness caused by dryness
  • Those with skin prone to sensitivity
  • Those with chapped skin on cheeks, around the mouth, and lips because of cold wind in winter and during seasonal changes
  • Children with cracked face because of the frequent spilling of food and tissue use

Main compounds

  • reinforces the skin barrier
  • soothe skin
  • soothes and moisturizes skin