Fresh, moist, and nonviscous baby massage oil that does not leave a sticky feel.
Combining MLE Cream and Oil is perfect!
Oil Massage + MLE Cream provides a rich moisturizing effect!
It is a new concept in cream-type baby massage oils that melts on skin.
  • Massage oil that melts on skin:

    As a new concept in cream-type oil that instantly melts on skin, it provides nonviscous moisturizing effect without leaving a sticky feel. It is a baby massage oil that ensures gentle and smooth massaging effect.

  • Atopalm MLE Cream's richly moisturizing effect:

    It contains Atopalm MLE Cream, whose MLE forms a moisture-locking membrane. Also, it richly moisturizes baby's skin, thereby alleviating dryness and sensitivity in skin.

  • Relaxing effect of natural lavender oil

    Natural lavender oil's relaxing effect comforts baby's skin.
    For best results, massage before baby goes to bed!

  • Completed dermatologist irritation test

    Free from additives that are harmful to skin:

  • Free of artificial dyes, ethanol, mineral oil, parabens, PEG, and artificial fragrances

  • Completed dermatologist irritation test and is free from additives that are harmful to skin.
    As such, the system can be safely used on baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

  • As a highly enriched mixture of oil and cream, some oil may come out when pumped if it has not been used for long.
    However, it does not affect the product compounds or effects, thus allowing safe product use.

How to use

  • Towel dry after taking a shower, dispense the right amount onto mother's hand (pump for more than two times), and gently apply.
    Massage onto baby's face and entire body. The moist and gentle texture will make massaging pleasant.
    The delicate natural lavender scent will comfort the baby when it is applied before he/she goes to bed.
    As a richly moisturizing massage oil, additional moisturizers are not necessary. If necessary, apply Atopalm MLE Lotion or Atopalm MLE Cream after massaging with the product to provide additional moisture.
  • [TIP] How to massage baby to comfort him/ her
    Massage in this order: feet, legs, abdomen, chest, hands, arms, face, back and buttocks.
    You should start with the feet, which is the farthest from the heart.
    Dispense enough product and gently, evenly, and lightly massage as if enveloping and caressing the baby.

Enjoy “baby massage that baby's skin loves” with Atopalm MLE Cream Massage Oil!

※ Repeat for three to seven times.


  • With one hand, grab the ankles and with the other hand, the thighs. Massage using sweeping motions from the thighs to the ankles.
  • Lift the baby’s soles so that they are visible. Press from the heels to the front part using your thumbs.
  • With you thumbs, evenly exert pressure on the baby's soles.
  • With fingers, press the area between the bones of the top of the feet, going from the toes to the ankles.
  • With one hand, press the ankles. With the other hand, press from the ankles to the thighs.


  • Place palms onto the baby's abdomen. Massage using sweeping motions from top to bottom.
  • Place thumbs above the navel, facing each other. Massage using sweeping motions and envelop the area toward the flanks.
  • Start with sweeping motions and draw circles from the navel area with the right hand, going in a one o’clock direction. With the left hand, go in a seven o’clock direction. (Do not lift hands. Allow hands to meet naturally.)
  • Sweep around the chest area as if drawing a heart shape. * Repeat all movements twice.


  • With one hand, use sweeping motion to massage the wrists. With the other hand, massage from the shoulders to the wrists.
  • Slightly press with the thumbs, going from the baby's wrists to the fingers.
  • With the thumbs, evenly exert pressure on the thick parts of the wrists.
  • With the fingers, press the area between the bones on the back of the baby's hands, going from the fingers to the wrists.
  • With one hand, press the wrist. With the other hand, press from the wrists to the shoulders.


  • Caress the entire face from the forehead to the chin.
  • With both thumbs, caress from the middle of the eyebrows to the forehead following a straight line. With both thumbs, caress from the frontal parts of the eyebrows to their ends, again following a straight line.


  • Place the hands on the part right below the shoulders. Caress the area using zig zag motions from the top to the bottom.
  • Place hands on the baby's buttocks and push upward and downward as if enveloping the thorax area.
  • With all fingers, except for the thumb, massage the back muscles from the upper left to the waist, making rubbing motions.

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Recommended to

  • Babies who have difficulty using general massage oil because of sensitive and delicate skin
  • Those who find applying cream on top of lotion after massaging, cumbersome
  • Babies who need skin moisturizers during winter and seasonal changes
  • Those who want to enhance the connectedness between mother and baby by massaging after a shower or bath
  • Those who want gentle and moist massaging effects

Main compounds

  • reinforces the skin barrier
  • soothes and moisturizes skin
  • soothes, moisturizes, and relaxes the body and mind.